Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rain, Life Lessons and Concerts

Joyful Thoughts
1. It's raining - and it's cooler!

2. Meaningful life lessons for a Gherkin - especially helpful we'd discussed sowing and reaping in Bible study Wednesday night. ::wink::

3. Concert with family and friends

Yes, there was rain. We also had a full day of other happenings.  We are thrilled to see cooler temps in the was out and out cold today. 75* is about perfect!  I love the change of seasons.  (That'll preach).

I am elated that this week of school has gone swimmingly. We're all done with couch school, have had time for hands on science explorations, and the kids are on track with the week's table school.  I'm learning when I can schedule events during the week and still manage to finish our work.

A life lesson, "When something is hard,  face it head on - don't try to sneak around behind it."  Shoot - it's a lesson I need to revisit from time to time.  I'm not sure I would label the offense as cheating, but I was happy to see confession and repentance at work.  It was a great teachable moment and I found the note to remind me.....I trust the culprit has seen my response. LOL

Well, that's twice in two weeks with two different kids...a cheater a week....while I could be beating myself up over the sinfulness of my off-spring, I'm rejoicing their consciences are soft and they confess. I'm also thankful God gives me wisdom to spot it quickly these days.  That's what 26 years of homeschooling will do for a mom. LOL

Lest you think all we do is cheat at math in our are some happy glimpses...We explored buoyancy today....and talked a lot about gold vs iron pyrite.
 Oranges float - potatoes don't

Chopsticks float - and SURPRISE so does the glass lid

Next, we created an ocean - without the food coloring. I am alarmed at how much sea salt I've used in this week's science. I should have thought ahead and bought Morton's. I've 90% decided to just buy the science kit for this text as I don't have the many of the "common household items" on hand - like food coloring - and safety goggles - though we've seen no reason for them so far. ANYWAY - we created an ocean and boats.  The kids guessed how many pennies their boat could float before sinking.

Zander's boat sinking - Stacia's was wider...not sure if that means she listened better during the lesson or if it means she likes to build the BIGGEST in any projects.

I later found her boat with added features - gotta love duct tape.

Michael got home nearly on time today. He  left base early to pick up medical records, from several spots around the local area, in preparation for his upcoming trip to the surgeon.  We went to Mi Puebletos for dinner (which hasn't set well). Cynthia met us there and we met Mindee in Roseville. We headed to a wonderful (though longer than expected) concert from Casting Crowns, Sidewalk Prophets and Mandissa. If you get the chance to go to a Thrive concert - it was great.  My friends have learned if they take photos and email them, I will leave my camera at home and they won't be in photos.
Tad bit concert resistant are we?

We arrived home at mid-night. A fun day!

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

It always surprised my kids that their consequences were much lighter if I heard a confession or admission. I went with the idea that they are kids, they are bound to make mistakes, but owning up is so important. They saw that it also went a loooooong way toward gaining my trust, which is really key to earning any freedoms here.

Much of my parenting with that came from your constant encouragements about heart attitude. That had such an impact on me, DeEtta, and greatly influenced my parenting. <3