Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Catching Up

Joyful Thoughts

1. I've had a great week interacting with Jonah - though I've not had time to blog.

2. Enjoyed meeting new Moms at Moms of Tots of the Chapel (MTOC) - topic today was gossip and slander - always a good reminder.  Funny stories shared - sometimes you just need to laugh.

3. God is GOOD.

Here I sit on Tuesday night bone weary tired - but not quite ready to go to bed.  I'll catch up the blog first (which I started with the post below).

Monday was a full day of prep for Wednesday.  I spent a lot of  time with Jonah this week. Doing this week's homework and writing next week's homework prompts.  One thought really stayed with me...Jonah didn't get to chose the mode of his deliverance.  I finally got the message...and quit pouting about the mode of deliverance God has chosen for me in my battle with food addiction.  I even worked out.

We got a full day of school done.

I worked on a board meeting agenda, inputs for Protestant News, PWOC announcements, finished the Jonah prompts and I can't remember what else I was working on.

Michael attempted to fix the brake pads or discs - so we can go to Oregon. It appears the rotor needs turned....I went to pick him up as the van wasn't ready to come home.

Today I left home early with Michael as we were down to one car. I attended MTOC and thought I would have a MTOC board meeting to attend. It turns out everyone had sick kids....I was on base until Michael was done with the van.... I had a GREAT lunch with two friends. God is good. I needed the girl time.  I've had two admin days in a row....I needed PEOPLE with faces to interact with - and I got that today at MTOC and lunch.

And now it's bed time....or just about. I think I'll go read a bit more in Crossfire...no it's not about the cross...but it's a good book written by a fellow MK.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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