Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frantic-Lazy Sunday

First, Arielle got a HUGE compliment from Nikki today. She said Arielle speaks Japanese, "Very clearly," and her teachers, "Are very good." Go Ryu and Kim!

Nikki & Margaret (Please pray for Margaret's quick healing
of a broken hip)
Today was our monthly Parish Potluck -  it was fantastic.  This month's theme was "Winter Comfort Foods." I think the theme resonated as we had a great variety of food this month.  Part of me wants to post all the photos of friends Michael took - but I don't know if all would want to be posted.  I may do a giant "Beale Chapel Faces" post before we retire. ::snort::  Here are some photos of US which Michael took.

Angela loves on our preschoolers at PWOC - and Arielle


Note I'd STILL not made a dent on my lunch.....Hope, Cynthia, Me, Kelsey
 Melody made my day when she found me as I bustled around and asked me to come sit by her. I promised I would when I was done eating. She was faithful to check back with me until I was ready to sit down. LOL

Zander and Cole

Heaven - she's in heaven - hard to braid when your
arm is in a cast.

We got home around 2:30 and began a serious day of REST.....we all found things we find relaxing to occupy our afternoon/evening....Arielle decided it would be a great day to make a purse for Stacia. Krista has a cool purse which she MADE. Arielle went searching through Stacia's stash of material and my closet (for a belt for the adjustable strap) and set to work after a text or two.

It turned out really cute. I think we'll have to make one for Arielle and one for me - different fabric selection. LOL

Michael and Nolan continue work on "The Puzzle"

I had seen a link on the internet on how to turn a t-shirt into a tote in 10 min - no sewing.  I gave it a shot.  I did sew along the bottom as there were still holes in the bottom after I tied it all....I  think we need to find a shirt with loner arm holes. LOL
Even Yuuki relaxed
Stacia models her new purse. We want to buy a button or something to put on the front. Arielle will switch the strap as she didn't account for Stacia's left-handed-tendencies and the clip to adjust the strap is behind her. 
Yeah - need to find some stretched out t-shirts with longer arm holes. LOL
Are you aware October is clergy appreciation month? Phil and Beverly surprised the chaplains and staff with HOME MADE BREAD!!!! We got TWO loaves...which makes it seem doable to get caught up on baking and actually start baking our bread again. These younger kids actually LIKE fresh-baked bread. I can work with this. ::wink::  

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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WOW! Love you all so much. What beautiful memories you are making period. love and hugs to you all. G'Ma T.