Saturday, October 04, 2014

Markets and Movies

Phil and Beverly told us about the Saturday Farmer's Market in Yuba City.  They made it sound so inviting that Stacia and I got up and left home at 0730 on a Saturday morning. I knew there were other plans for the day as well.

We had a blast! We discovered we both really LIKE early morning outings and miss going to breakfast with friends etc..... I thought it would take 30 minutes to get to the market but it only took 14 minutes. I wish we'd discovered it much earlier.....wonderful produce!

My adventure buddy
 We used all our money a bit of credit and THEN found we could buy market we did.
Our haul....sweet peaches, plums, pluots, strawberries....the melons that Phil recommended, 5 lbs of almonds, kale, eggplants, olive oil, infused vinegars and three take and bake pies....oh and soap, a bracelet and a glass of fresh lemonade.
Our next stop was Roseville to watch Left Behind. Nolan loves those books.  There have sure been a lot of "faith based" movies recently. We enjoyed this one, though Michael thinks with an Airplane movie they should have hired a commercial pilot to consult. ::grin::  Michael and I watched The Song on a date night last week.
 Michael spent the rest of the afternoon at the chapel. The rest of us watched the final two movies from the earlier Left Behind movies on Netflix. 

Choosing Joy!
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