Friday, October 03, 2014

Mountain Adventure

Cynthia and I headed up into the mountains to find a Christian Retreat Center which is a possibility for the PWOC Spring Retreat.  We had an address. We had Tom Tom. We were leaving extra time and planned to arrive at 1000. We'd spend an hour exploring and asking questions. We'd grab lunch and come home. It was a good plan.

We were confident. Things were proceeding according to plan. We followed Tom's advice and turned off the highway. We took the first turn and noticed the road got narrow and windy quickly. We commented on how the roads reminded us Japan and Germany....and then the switchbacks got a bit more intense. They became very intense. I decided Michael may have to drive the van loads of women u and Cynthia noted she would DRIVE HERSELF as she doesn't like to trust herself to others in these situations. We laughed. We kept driving. We crossed a little bridge....

The road became gravel. At this point we began to wonder HOW folks got the RV's up here as the center has RV sites too. 

We drove a long time. We saw great spots to explore. State parks, hikes... 
We neared some buildings. Oops - false call - certainly this wasn't a retreat center
Eventually we hit an old township. It was darling and deserves exploring. It looked like a ghost town - but we noted mail boxes. Population 8 - 12.  We found a bit of fall colors!

The museum is closed this time of year. I tried to find someone to ask where the retreat center was. We were certain we hadn't passed it - but we were in bigger numbers than we needed. We headed back.
Must go back and hike this one

We stopped and asked a lady who told us she was not local for directions. We spotted gentleman. He certainly looked local and confirmed he was. He told us we needed to go way down a "long dirt road." We wondered at these directions as the street signs assured us we were on the right road. We kept heading back down the mountain and we found it!

They were incredibly gracious.  Her comment was, "You must have followed a gps? Did you take Coyote?" Turns out there is a road a block before the road we wanted...Tom sent us off that way. We DID intercept the right road but we were way beyond the retreat center when we did. We'll do step by step directions for drivers if we use this site. LOL

On the way home we stopped in Nevada City at Big A's or Big Al's drive in.....yummy veggie burger - and pesto fries and THIS is a medium frosted root beer - real root beer. Yes, I did.  All adventures need a  bit of culinary adventure thrown in the mix.

Note - I deliberately left out photos of the retreat center. Those will be Cynthia's to use as she sees fit. LOL I won't spoil any surprises.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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