Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frozen - Breakfast Burritos

We got a late start  for our Saturday morning treat. By the time we reached Awful Annie's the line was out the door. Stacia thought the wait would be ridiculous  even for Awesome Annie' we explored. Kim's Country Kitchen had a line out the door as well. We found a few cute little hole in the wall spots. We opted for Whistle Stop Café. To be fair, I think the B team was working as she had to keep calling "someone" to ask questions.

The first thing I noticed was the SMALL breakfast menu. Not a lot of vegan options. I thought I could make due with a chai latte (a cheat) and a fruit cup. Stacia ordered the breakfast burrito and a hot chocolate. I was told the salads and fruit were no longer menu options. In desperation I went for a muffin I was sure was loaded with cholesterol and my chai latte (also full of cholesterol).  Our drinks were warm - and cold by the time we finished them. My muffin was obviously "day old." 

Our little Texan was not happy with her breakfast burrito. She told me the sausage and potatoes were cold, the cheese wasn't melted, but the eggs were nice and hot.  She thought a bit of salsa would help. She suggested I show them how to make real breakfast burritos. ::snort::

Always magnanimous Stacia thought this spot was really o.k. "At least they didn't take our food away when we went to the bathroom." (THAT'S a story I've not yet shared on the blog, but I think I will. The owner had shot at making things right.)

We decided it would be a great spot for Mom and friends to sit and chat with a cup of a hot drink and a snack or two.....and that it probably had good ice cream in the summer.

Our next stop was Target. We bought a couple of ornaments for the chapel's tree.... some supplies we need for Thanksgiving and tomorrow's Fellowship Sunday at the chapel. Stacia was happy to pose with Elsa....and I've not blogged about the very un-Elsa like character at Walmart's Frozen event.

Back at home I baked a double batch of brownies, a big batch of rolls, made a giant salad, arranged a fruit tray and pulled a walnut pie out of the freezer. Oh - and started the Turkey roasting. Tomorrow is November's Fellowship Sunday in the Protestant Community.

Michael made a trip to the Far West Campus to take tools and such over and to check on the heating situation.

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