Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prayer Update - Dom

Thanks to all who have been praying for our great-nephew, Dom.  I went looking for a photo and this is the most recent one I have. It was taken two years ago when we visited CO.

Jamin, Crystal (Dom's mom - our niece), Jared, Dom, Jerome (our nephew)
We have great news! Dom has been moved from ICU and is on a new floor where rehab has begun.

He is opening his eyes, able to respond to questions, and beginning to learn to walk.  The hope is for him to be out of the hospital before Christmas.

His doctor suffered  a spinal cord injury and is a quadriplegic. He has passion and skill to aid in Dom's recovery. God is blessing in the midst of the storm. We asked for a miracle and I believe we are seeing one.

Thanks for your continued prayers for Dom. As I know many are also praying for the health of Michael and his brothers - below is a photo of the three of them from that same trip.

Choosing Joy!
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Unknown said...

PTL for DOM and praying for Mike's brothers etc.