Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Processing on Plumas Blvd

 After Michael's appointment with the surgeon today, we walked and processed. We visited a restaurant called, "Squeeze Inn"....I thought  it would be like Jamba Juice. ::snort:: Turns out it has been voted "Best Dive" by a Sacramento newspaper. It's a  dive....great burgers and shakes....no juice in sight. Though after seeing the orders come out, I DO understand the photo and the name. ::snort::

Across from Squeeze Inn is Gaiser Pets.

It is unusual to find a pet store in America with real animals. I KNOW - please don't explain WHY to me - I get it.   It's just that one of our favorite outings when the older Gherkins were young was to visit a pet store and see all the animals.  When we lived in Misawa we visited a local store in the mall which had puppies and kittens. I'd heard of this store before, but hadn't visited.

This pet store SMELLS when you enter. A sure sign there are ANIMALS inside the store. ::snort::

There are no dogs (I get it), but there are fish (lots of them), birds, cats, reptiles, amphibians.....We turned a corner and found this guy hanging out.

We KNEW I needed to bring Stacia here. She has been asking to visit a pet store all year..and we KNOW she is not going to find the cute animals she is expecting from our visits to the pet store in Japan.

We turned a corner and ran into this guy - I'm not so sure about HIM....but he seemed friendly enough.

They have lots of pet supplies and give away free Bibles.....we'll be back.

During our walk I noted a diner with a poster in the window that says, "Voted Best Breakfast and Lunch." I think a Saturday morning girls date is shaping up - maybe when Krista and Lindsey are here.

Choosing Joy!
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