Friday, November 28, 2014

The Day AFTER Thanksgiving

YES, this in in fact, the ONLY photo I took of the day. ::snort::

There was talk of going to Roseville for Black Friday. Krista is in the market for a laptop.  However, Friday morning, no one wanted to go. Krista decided it didn't make sense to drive that far, probably miss the door buster specials, pay normal price for a laptop PLUS state sales tax. She was right.

Our TRADITION is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. As we were shopping, I suggested we could put the tree up. Um...Krista said she'd rather go Black Friday shopping in that case. My word. I know BRE is a bit over-the-top about Christmas but this seemed nearly scrooge like to me....and Zander was fussing at any Christmas carols before 1 Dec. LOL

We talked, we played games, we ate left overs....we went to see Penguins - the movie!

We planned to drive up to a Cornish Christmas but it began to rain. We changed gears and stopped at Papa Murphy's. We went  home to laugh, enjoy each other, eat pizza and I sort of bull-dogged through ONE family day-after-Thanksgiving-tradition....we pulled out the Christmas movies and books and watched, "The Muppet's Christmas Carol."

The photo - we're all adjusting to being a 50% vegan-member family. Michael has requested I start asking for  meat on the side - as we pay for it even when they leave it off. I do. This is a new level....he asks them to give him the cheese from our cheese-less gourmet pizza. ::snort:: It works.  They think we're odd....but it helps our frugal spirits not to throw the money away. I won't have to buy cheese any more. BTW that's a whole LOT of cheese on one Papa Murphy's pizza.

After noting one photo on the camera for the day, I am determined to take more photos on our last day.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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