Saturday, December 13, 2014

WOOT! Izaak Graduates!

In every life there are some moments that are HUGE, bigger than the norm. THIS was one of those moments in the life of our son-in-law, Izaak, and therefore, in our family life.

Today, Izaak graduated from New Hope Christian College. The path he took doesn't mirror the other graduates....but the path he took, when surrendered to God, has made him the highly determined, man of God we know him to be.  This is certainly not the spot to tell all of Izaak's story....but this is a young man who did not graduate from high school. He studied hard and earned his GED and when God called him to college - he went.

Today he stands before us as a graduate - WITH HONORS - magna cum laude. When God restores; He does it well.  It was SO WORTH it to race the storm from CA to OR to be there for this huge moment of redemption and achievement! We are bursting with pride over the way God is working in Izaak's life.  My new favorite family photo - though it's missing the three Gherkin males in TX.
front - Stacia; Middle - Dakota, me, Bre, Izaak, Krista My Dad
Back: My mom, Arielle, Zander, Nolan, Will (my brothers) Michael
 Being awarded honors!
Hugging Pres. Hidashi after being given his diploma

Professor Burke (Larry) is one of two of OUR professors still left at the college. He welcomes the graduates into the alumni association.
My Dad and Izaak
Dakota, Izaak and BreAnne
Miss Kutz (Trudy) is the second of our professors still at the college. I'm thrilled our girls were able to take classes with and be mentored by Trudy.
Izaak's middle son Matt (left) and parents
Izaak's step-dad and Izaak
Dakota with the $50,000 balloon given to graduates ::snort::
Krista and Michael
Izaak and Dakota
All smiles!
Girls Dorm - ah the memories...

Expect more posts from this day.
Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

It really was a blessed few days as we all came together for this celebration.

Proud of Izaak and Bre. PTL Izaak is part of our extended family.

Praying God continues to lead, bless and use Izaak and Bre.

love/prayers to you all.