Thursday, January 01, 2015

8th Day of Christmas

How about our Ducks? 59 - 20. I'd say they are "physical" enough to be in the Rose Bowl. LOL

We were all very aware this was one of our two final days with family in our home.  I wasn't sure what we would do with the day - but I got up early and put in a turkey (my turkeys take 12 - 16 hours to cook) and waited to hear the plans.

Josiah said it well when he said he didn't need to run around and see everything - the best part was just hanging out together at home. All agreed - so we hung out.

Arielle helped Stacia put together her new Lego set. Stacia has thanked me five or six times today for the set. This was our gift to her.


 I'm so happy we were able to stream the Rose Bowl and did not have to split up with the Duck Fans racing around town looking for a spot to watch it. LOL While the game played some watched, some played gin rummy and watched, some decorated sugar cookies.

I loved being able to put the final touches on dinner and watch the final quarter of the game at the same time.

Michael and I wanted to be sure we got alone time with each of the older Gherkins and so we scheduled "Pastoral Assistance Visits" with each.  So very Air Force - but it works. This gave them time to ask us any questions they had for us - this tends to happen when Parental Units begin to talk about moving overseas with younger siblings.  This also gave us time to check in with each one, hear anything they wanted to discuss in private and pray for each one individually.  Good times. The "interviews" were scheduled for 10 minutes but some took considerably longer. We'll catch up with Josiah today.

It was reminiscent of old times to find this when we were done with visits for the night....all in one room....late at night....yep - fun times.

Choosing Joy!
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