Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lunch of Champions

This is not a lunch I will try - but it's one of Stacia's favorites.  It makes me happy that it IS so healthy.
Those Tupperware plates have been around since our 29 year old was 1.
Michael and I laugh that this baby has never known our family to eat the SAD. We were eating clean when she was born - re Rex Russell What the Bible Says about Healthy Living.  And when she was six three or four of us transitioned to the Nutritarian lifestyle...some presenting as vegans.  Fun to see how that impacts what she considers good. {Though I'm still researching the Daniel Cure and the Daniel Plan seem to be closely align with the concept of Nutritarian.}

We had a conversation spurred on by one of her friends which cracked me up. "Just imagine I'm 9 years old and I don't know what bacon tastes like." Horrors. I agreed she should taste this food of the gods. I used to LOVE bacon - put it on almost everything.  She ordered some at a restaurant and told me it's not very good.  She never choose the bacon option at restaurants. LOL

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