Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday @ the Surgical Hospital

We watched a lot of football. ::wink::

Our great news of the day is the pathology reports on his appendix came back and while it was "really, really bad" - it is NOT cancerous!

Michael is doing much better. So well, that the decision was made to take him off the pain pump and begin oral meds tonight. Michael does NOT do well with oral pain meds. We've discussed this with the doctor.

Prayers appreciated for Michael tonight if you think of it. They're going to try oral meds....last time he was dizzy, lightheaded, violently and  repeatedly  vomited, flushed and I think had a rash....

I saw the incision. I GET why this is not the "same day procedure" we were expecting. His incision is at least 5 inches long. Yes, I will measure when he gets home. 

He really is doing MUCH better....we need his body systems to wake up and we need to figure out what to do for pain control at home. We were pretty sure in Misawa they had morphine tablets he took home.

Choosing Joy!
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