Monday, January 19, 2015

Scrabble Debut

They day began well - time with Jesus and a bit of Bible study prep. 

I didn't get a workout in - because I lost track of time during said time with Jesus.

Arielle and I dropped off  Michael to have the forgotten staple removed and drove across town to drop the van off to have the bumper fixed. We picked up Michael, stopped at Rite Aide and came home.

I cooked a hot lunch for Michael and me.

I did couch school with Zander and Stacia. Nolan surprised us with a great comparison paper on Two of William Blake's poems. We discovered the new Zeta book has gone missing again. I think I'm the only homeschooler who buys the same text over and over and over again.

The older two had Japanese. I folded laundry and talked to my Mom on the phone.

I cooked dinner. Stacia made "lemonade" with what we took to be lemons from the Hispanic produce market....but they couldn't have been. Oddest tasting fruit I've seen since Durian.

Arielle spent the night sewing on her "babysitting bag." The rest of us played a game of Scrabble.

Michael and I used to play this alot when we were first married. Until I got mad at always losing. He LOVES this game and so for Christmas I bought the deluxe board and determined to be a better loser. This was the boys first game and they did well.  In fact Zander finished only four behind Michael.

I got the "Jamin award." ::wink:: I was 4th winner. BUT I know HOW to enjoy Scrabble....and all the earthy words were MINE - all mine. ::snort::

I tried to sell Michael on house rules....whoever gets all their tiles out there in a pretty design first wins - doesn't matter what words they may or may not make. No dice.

Michael had a rough afternoon with pain management. I'm sure it had to do with being out this morning. If nothing else this was confirmation he's  not ready to be back at work - or driving.  It's actually turned out wonderful to have the van in the shop and Michael at  home this week. Arielle and I can juggle our schedules and the one car. LOL

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