Saturday, January 24, 2015

Things Arielle Learned at her SAT Test

Found online - not taken at the testing site!
Arielle prepared for this test. She has written almost daily essays which were critiqued by Michael.

She has worked through a giant book.

She has taken practice tests.

Friday we drove by the high school in Yuba City to be sure we knew where she needed to go.

This morning she got up bright and early and showed up to test.

And she was a bit surprised.

"Please write the following statement on the back of your test in cursive and sign it."

Dead silence in the group.

Then one raised his hand, "I don't know how to write in cursive."

"Make it up."

Really? These are college bound young adults.

She overheard several talking about how they didn't know they were taking the test and their moms woke them up and said, "Go take the SAT."

She also learned that sitting in a small windowless room with fluorescent lighting for hours on end would make her crazy. Thank you sweetie - we saw ahead and took care of this problem. LOL

And she learned there was nothing "unexpected" on the SAT....she finished in good time....and now we'll see.

She still isn't sure which route she wants to go for next year. Her goal - being a missionary - remains the same. The many paths to reach that goal are a bit tangled. She "may" attend New Hope Christian College. She "may" travel with us back to Japan (because we are sure we will go back to Japan one way or another) and take online classes for a year or two and then go to an on-site campus. She "may" move into an apartment in OR and attend community college for a year or two and get the basics out of the way before attending New Hope....lots of paths to consider. And she's considering well. We trust she recognizes the prompting of the Holy Spirit and will end up on the perfect path.

What we aren't hearing any longer is plans to attend beauty school - which I need to ask her about - because she won me over with her reasoning for that path. 

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love and prayers to you. Praying and God will direct for sure. love/prayers -- 2G's t.