Thursday, February 12, 2015

Then There Was Thursday

Michael went back to work today. I suspect he ran like a crazy man. He got home about 7 p.m.

The kids and I finished two days of couch school - it's easy when you're reading Moccasin Trail. Stacia finished the Explode the Code I'd slated for the year - I ordered the final two books of the series.

We cleaned the house. We did boat loads of laundry. The normal Thursday stuff after an incredibly hectic Mon - Wed. 

There was also a bit of this....just me....I realized I've begun to lose the art of Japanese bathing....just for in the middle of the afternoon.....after school was done and when I'd usually crash....I headed upstairs to a very hot shower, alternated with cold bursts...I lathered, I exfoliated and repeated. I washed my hair and then put a conditioner on and pinned it on top of my head. I dug out the onsen basin....filled it with cold water, found an onsen towel....and headed for the backyard onsen. Ah - as near as I can come stateside....Stacia helpfully suggested, when we retire, we build walls around the onsen so I can do it the right way - nekkid - and invite the neighbors.  I love the mix of cultures she exhibits.... LOL

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