Monday, April 13, 2015

Krista Rocks!!

I promised Mommy Blogs on the older Gherkins....and so I continue to shamelessly share about our lovely children.  It does get harder to  share exciting activities when they transition from college to boring adult life. 

Krista and Jimena
Krista works as a 1:1 Educational Aide in an Oregon school district. She loves the student she's worked with for years, and they've moved into middle school this year.  It's been suggested to her by many who observe her work that she should consider getting her Master's degree and a teaching certificate.  That is exactly what she is in the process of applying for at this point. She is brushing up on skills and preparing to take the GRE  test to be accepted into graduate school.  She plans to continue to work until she must quit for student teaching - unless they work something out to allow her to continue with her "gal" and student teach in the school where she currently works.  We're excited for her as she takes this step. I think this will be a great platform to launch her into several of her future goals.

She also works as the children's minister at her church and is in the process of planning a trip for some in her church to the orphanage where she and Arielle went last summer.  This will be a short trip rather than a summer visit. They will put on a VBS for the children. Arielle IS going on this trip as well. She's just gotten her weight up to low-normal....I guess this will prepare her for the freshman forty. LOL

It's been fun to watch as Krista's pulled the details of the mission trip together. They've had auctions and mystery dinners and all sorts of things to earn the money for the trip.  She has written the VBS curriculum and written back and forth with the orphanage. I look forward to the photos and stories.

Krista - front and center in the white Duck Shirt
Krista landed the job she wanted with the Summer Park program for students. She will be with kids and be outside - a win/win.

She and Arielle will be moving into a duplex in July - and they'll watch the younger set while
Michael and I go to Japan.

Krista has always loved adventures, outdoors and sports....she does well at making time for fun in the midst of her busy schedule.  She's a rabid Duck fan - which seems to be a common malady in her location.
Hiking at Sweet Creek Falls

Krista (R) - strange running techniques in Oregon
 We continue to thrill at the way Krista reaches forward in life and conquers any obstacles in her way! We're proud of the life and social circle she's built for herself in Oregon. We're also selfishly happy she is still in Oregon and Arielle can move in with her during Arielle's first year away from home! We love big families.


Anonymous said...

SIS: What lovely posts. Krista makes us so proud also. We love seeing her function at her church. It is fun to attend some of the money raising things she has part in. Love seeing their VBS programs also. We have been so blessed by this gal of yours and are so blessed that she is in our area. love/prayers to you and definitely for Krista-K.----- mom t.

Laura said...

So nice to read about Krista. :) She is a lovely young lady.