Friday, April 24, 2015

New "Toy"

My anniversary gift (14 Feb) finally arrived last week.

I had begun to worry I wouldn't like it after hearing some comment on it being a gimmick and inaccurate etc.

I LOVE it.  It may drop or add a few steps here and there.....BUT I find the info fascinating and motivating.

I have discovered most my work outs were cardio vs fat burning....not sure what to do with this info or if it matters. ::snort::

I've discovered how much I actually sleep at night.

I enjoy the heart rate feature.

I really LIKE walking and being able to see how far I've gone, my heart rate and my calories burned.

I've discovered - as active as I am - I'm not as physically active as I imagined. In other words a 2 hour long meeting really doesn't use many steps....and so it motivates me to get a second work out in if I've not hit my 10,000 steps soon after dinner.

A gift well worth the wait. Thanks, hon.

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berrypatch said...

Thanks for the review. I've started to think about getting one myself. :-)