Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another RV Option

Chaplain Tangen made a comment today about someone he saw camping in a U-Haul. I came home and was surprised to find out U-Haul MAKES campers -but that's not what Ch. Tangen saw.

While Michael continues to hunt up RV models; I'm thinking this.....really. I was already drawing my own "dream RV" plans this a.m. BEFORE chapel......and Ch. T sparked my imagination.....

You can find anything on Pinterest. Turns out MANY have designed their own RVs from U-Haul trucks, horse trailers and busses......Here's one we liked for a U-Haul. LOL You just never know what will be inside a U-Haul - that'll preach!

I'm pretty sure Michael doesn't want to build an RV - but I keep thinking of exactly what would work well..... LOL I'm guessing it wouldn't save money.  We're looking used....not brand spanking new conversion.


Renee said...

Army posts have used car lots (for sale by individuals) - most I've seen have RVs and boats (even more so than cars). Does the AF have such a thing as well?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep - same thing on Air Force bases - but we don't see many RVs at the "lemon lots." Always the first spot to look.