Friday, May 15, 2015

Storms and Friendships

Whew. We love storms. Storms in the Caboose adds a new dimension to storm watching.  We were up quite a bit last night with a fantastic thunder-lightening-rain-gusts to 45 mph wind-storm.

We discovered a wind storm in a trailer feels a bit like an Earthquake in Misawa - and this was traumatic for some.

I had an early morning planned. Determined to get "one on one" time, Deja came out to the lake early so we could "walk." Just as we made it to the lake it began raining - again. We decided to sit in her car and catch up. Friends of the heart can be rare and when you make one like this - it's worth driving 8 days to sit in a car at 0630 and catch up.  Our early morning "work out" is going to be one of the many highpoints of this trip. Thanks, Deja.

Note - my fit bit time zone has not been updated as I don't have reliable wifi here - therefore, I was a tad bit late - though I thought I'd woke early. LOL

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Laura said...

Storms in a camper are definitely an 'experience'. :(

Thankful for that special friend time. A true blessing for the heart.