Friday, July 17, 2015

Interesting Walk

Look what I found when I was out walking one recent morning.....

Arboga Japanese Relocation Center - 1942....I'd not heard of this being part of the local history. I am trying to find out more. This is the one photo I found from the time period.  It seems it was also called the "Marysville Detention Center."  The description of the centers seems to be the same location so I think there was one and it was at this site.
Michael and I walked back so I could show him the sign - we enjoyed a nice sunset out there.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I feel this was a time in our history when our government acted very badly. I know there have been books written, but it seems there should be more of a museum/memorial telling this story.  This is a small area - maybe there ARE museums and memorials somewhere - I'm going to look for them.

It seems to me if we ignore our history - we very often repeat it. There are some ugly things in our country's history. I sense "government" could act very badly again - because we are humans and we will not learn from mistakes we refuse to acknowledge.

Note - this find came after being chased by 3 it was worth it to face the barking frenzy. LOL

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Janette said...

If you find anything let me know. There was a detention center near the school I worked at on the Navajo Reservation. My mom said her friends were not sent there because their family had been in Phoenix long enough for the people in the community to object the "relocation".
There was a display in the American History museum in DC.