Tuesday, July 07, 2015

We Met Eliana

 We were heading out to M&M when we realized, in the bustle of getting kids yesterday, we forgot the CARSEATS.  ::grin::

Not to worry, Arielle and Zander stayed home with all the kids here....and Nolan and Stacia came to help with kids at M&Ms.  Arielle has learned how to use the camera....couldn't figure out WHY my battery was dead this evening..... ::snort::

At M&Ms we discussed situations which are likely to make us impatient and how to walk out the patience and kindness God shows us in our homes.

We clearly do not have experience dealing with curly hair.  Postpartum emotions being what they are, I was very relieved when Rachel and Matt laughed instead of cried when they saw her tonight.

While we took care of business on base, the kids at home made cards (oops forgot to give them to Matt and Rachel when they came).....
Played Games
I see you Seth!
Bubbles - reminds me this needs to find a new home. LOL

We spent the afternoon with a bit of a rest time, more games, dinner and waiting.....until finally....they MADE IT.

All afternoon Joy kept asking me, "Is Eliana OUT now?" I assured her she really and truly was.

The moment finally arrived.

Hey Sweet Girl, get used to it - big sister LOVES you!!!

SCORE - I got to hold Eliana before Michael, he who is KNOWN for stalking newborns at the chapel.
I unintentionally alarmed joy when Rachel gave Eliana to me.

"She's OURS."

 I shot back, "I think I'll keep her."

 "No! She's MINE." ::snort::

And that she is....the start of a wonderful sister relationship, I'm sure of it.

Michael and I, being advanced in this parenting thing, couldn't help think of Bre and Krista....when we brought Krista home....ah such fun memories. Exhausting  - but fun.....and the kids had fun thinking back to when Stacia was born....

Note there is no doubt Michael would have been in these photos but he had to leave about 15 minutes before they arrived to spend the night at a sleep clinic.

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