Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Arielle Update

A fun aspect of having Gherkins out of the home are SKYPES!  It's a red-letter day when we get to Skype with kids.....and it provides me with a photo for a Mommy Post on Arielle.
BreAnne, Arielle and Me (the shoulder angel)

In one short week she has managed to register the car in OR, start a bank account, pass her DMV test, argue with DMV about the authenticity of her birth certificate - and win, try out a new church and find a job.

Find a job? Yep! Arielle is the newest employee of Fred Myers!!!!  She commits to 12 hours a week and can work more hours as her college schedule allows.  Way to go, Baby Girl.

AND.....Sunday she marched herself into a Japanese church....it always takes a bit of moxie to walk into a new church where you know no one.....but she wanted to visit this one. The sermon was in Japanese - which she enjoyed. It was fellowship Sunday so she got to talk to lots of people and eat lots of yummy Japanese food. She met a couple that works with International Students Inc. and exchanged info.

Not bad for one week, Arielle. I can't wait to tell Nikki you went to the Japanese church. She was asking if you had on Sunday.

Izaak loves Skype with his inlaws too - or at least he humors us!

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