Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Gherkins are Coming

Another wave of family arrived tonight for Friday's celebration . I tried twice to get a photo - really I did. It's fairly obvious which two are blood Gherkins. LOL
Dakota, Arielle, BreAnne, Izaak

Dakota, Arielle, BreZaak
BTW, we discovered Arielle was not hired to stock shelves at Fred Meyers. That position, which she was applying for, was filled. However, they said her "bubbly personality" would be perfect for a cashier....

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Anonymous said...

PTL being a cashier is a lot more fun. I loved it when I was a kid working at Hested's in Hardin. :):):) By the way it wasn't to many years ago..... I was 15. :):):):) l/p