Saturday, August 01, 2015


Ed Note: Nearly two years later we are fine-tuning some plans. Pesky Plans give you part 3 (or 3000) of the plan's growth. 4-18-2017

Several have been asking about our retirement plans. You can read about our Plot Twist here. For a Summer 2015  update of  "all those kids," click here. 

There is no doubt retiring would be "easier" and more "exciting" if our original plan of getting to Japan as quickly as possible was still smoothly racing ahead.

All along we were, "moving into the trailer until details work out to get to Japan" - this is still our plan. Instead of months in the trailer, we are looking at an extended time in the trailer. We are excited about this.

When we were told Michael had all the symptoms of  Parkinson's Disease(PD), we realized our dream of traveling the country in an RV when we were 70, may not happen.  It would seem this "pause" is the perfect time for us to take a sabbatical and live our dream...NOW.  We've now had two more neurologist's confirm a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. Michael has begun meds. We are not sure what this will mean for our plans to be missionaries. Our neurologists say to,  "Live your lives. We'll get through this together."  They see no reason we shouldn't travel or move to Japan. We are still researching how all of this will work with the military retirement benefits etc. We are in the process of a VA determination. Meanwhile, we are living in our RV, doing as much traveling as we can - living this dream NOW - why wait?

Frankly, we're tired. Bone weary. Michael hasn't felt well for a long time. We'd like to see what it's like to live with less ministry and schedule stress. Maybe it will impact health.

We are going to be Full Time RVers for a bit....we shall see what happens next.  If health issues clear and we can pursue living in Japan, downsizing and full time rving will be good schooling. If we are not able to go overseas as missionaries, we will have enough furniture to move into a small house....on our income a small house is what we can afford. Bottom line -  we don't need all the stuff we've accumulated.

*Updated March 2016 - Full-time RVing since 30 Aug 2015

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What an adventure! Congrats!