Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our First Unexpected Repair

We  made it to Washington! Shew - stop and go traffic pulling a 31 foot trailer, with rude, zippy drivers is adrenaline enhancing. It also added quite a bit of time to our trip.  We were told we can take the back roads to Lynnwood rather than 405 (which they are RESTRIPING this week) - so we'll try that tomorrow.

Josiah is working tonight so we thought we'd set up, take showers, grab dinner and maybe catch up with him.
We hit a snag. We have a couple of doors that sometimes fly open while driving. One of the kids went to put the slide out and didn't check the cupboards.....and the Vitamix container and tamper had fallen out.  The tamper got lodged UNDER the slide.....the noise was awful. The tamper withstood the pressure. The slide out, however,  no longer sealed.  We are blessed Michael is handy with tools - and those tools are proving essential.  This is what our trailer looks like when traveling - do you spot Michael?

I'm not sure if you can tell what you are seeing in the photo below. The white part totally pulled away and was held with ONE SCREW. The upholstered parts were buckling anyway and now we know why. Michael plans to fix them too. Keystone trailers look great, but the workmanship is really shocking when you begin to look below the surface. That'll preach.

While Michael fixed the slide so we could put the slide out - I prepared Shepherd's Pie in a drastically tiny kitchen. ::snort:: When he got the slide out the trailer felt incredibly SPACIOUS. We weathered the unexpected repair with great success.
Josiah is working - and we're too tired to attempt another drive. We opted to watch the Duck's get slaughtered and take showers.
The BESST thing about our new lifestyle? We can travel and NEVER have to pack! It's amazing.

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