Monday, September 14, 2015

Scholars and S'mores

Are they homeschoolers,  roadschoolers or Road's Scholars? A student by any other name is still a student  - and today we added book work to our new lifestyle. Note, I didn't say we added "education" to the experience. We've done many educational things in the past two weeks. We won't have trouble filling our days this year - but we do have some upper level students and we want to be sure we make steady progress  in the more traditional subjects as well.

I was nervous about how schooling would work in the trailer. At "home," we spread out all over the house. Each child had a desk they sometimes used, we had a living room, a family room and two tables they could be found at. Now each child has a bunk, we have a small dinette, a small couch, 268 square feet and a Dad with us.  That's a lot of changes.
It was a great first day. Nolan remembered much info about the French Revolution.  A highlight o f the day was when Michael added his thoughts about how French philosopher's and their worldview could been seen in the differences between the French and American revolutions. Stacia was worried she'd bomb math and Dad would be "right there," but she ACED her work today. ::snort::   We worked until 3:30 p.m. - but we got it done and it's sure to get easier as we establish new routines and get used schooling in close quarters.

Michael fell asleep in the early afternoon and I couldn't wake him. I was a bit worried he was having one of the reactions to weaning off the meds they warned about,  but it appears he was just tired.  He slept, we prepped dinner, walked, rollerbladed and talked.
After dinner we had our first fire and s'mores - we liberally doused the coals with the hose when we were finished.



Anonymous said...

How fun that Dad can be more involved now:)
Bre D

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It is.