Sunday, September 20, 2015

What a Day - Sunday

We  got up early, cleaned up and attempted to go to church twice. We succeeded on our third try. Tour the city via church ads? LOL It was great to worship with a community of believers.

We headed into Crescent City after church and had lunch at the Good Harvest Cafe. This is our third meal here over the months and I've STILL not tried all their vegetarian/vegan offerings. This is HUGE - usually I end up eating iceberg lettuce at restaurants the others like. This one has GOOD-TASTING  ORGANIC meat and veggies - AND the prices are about what we pay anywhere else in town. I loved my vegan Reuben and vegan chili. The boys liked their 1/2 lb burgers.

We spent a few hours with Mom G back in Douglas Park. We visited, the kids swam, I even worked on lesson hardly feels like work with a view like this.
Alex swam across the river today and Stacia rowed across. Nina and Arrow chased them across. If you look closely you can see kids and dogs across the river.

Found another boat on clearance
We visited with a couple from New York back at the trailer. We noted many of these folks have travel buddies. Maybe some of our friends will want to meet up with us in the summer.  We made another campfire and enjoyed another chapter of Patrick McManus (Shooting the Chick a Nout Narrows).

I am becoming quite addicted to lazing by the fire, in my zero-gravity chair, watching the stars and moon. Alas, we are going to be moving on at the end of the week.  We've realized we want to jet up to see Josiah rather than meander up the coast.....then if the Air Force doesn't call we'll meander back DOWN the coast and if they do call we'll hopefully have a bit of time with him.
Three weeks in full-timing (six weeks of retirement) and we're not tired of each other or the close quarters! In fact, we love having Michael around and we love the change in family dynamic that living in a "tiny living space" brings.

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