Friday, October 30, 2015

A Week at Beale

It would be wrong to leave the impression that our week was filled with medical and military frustration and nothing else.

We got a solid, full, heavy-duty week of book school completed. Full-timing has meant we no longer consider M-F "school days" and Saturday and Sunday as "off days." The school year is coming along nicely.
Wednesday, we went to PWOC.  Stacia enjoyed reconnecting with her homeschool friends and Nolan and Alex had fun helping in the Kids Flight rooms. I went to a study on Gideon and enjoyed the teaching. It won't surprise anyone the highlight of my day was seeing new faces and loving on old ones.

We also did this - Dinner with the S family -  complete with grandparent like gifts.
Thursday, Hope and Emma visited at the trailer. We also had three doctor's appointments.
Friday, Stacia spent the afternoon and early evening with Maya. The boys hunkered down with their books. Michael and I ran from one office to another, as we waited to hear what AFPC would decide on granting a medical hold on retirement. We enjoyed pizza and a movie with the boys in the evening.

All in all - a fun week.....a good week. We crammed a lot of visiting into it - thinking we'd be leaving the area we have more time to see EVERYONE!!!!

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