Sunday, October 04, 2015

Blyth Park and Rail Trails - WA

Today is our last day in the "Seattle" area. We looked for an activity up north near Josiah which would allow us to take Yuuki.  During our searches we discovered the Washington Rail to Trail movement. Basically, railways which are not currently being used, are paved and turned into walking, jogging, biking, skating (sometimes equestrian) trails.  The trails go past historical sites and are usually in gorgeous areas. Here is a list of Washington's Rail Trails. We'll remember these for future trips.

The 27 mile Burke-Gilman Trail begins in Fremont/Lake Washington (Seattle) and goes all the way to Blyth Park in Bothell. There, it intersects with the western end of the  Sammamish Trail and continues on to Marymoor Park in Redmond.
We met Josiah at Blyth park at 1130 - give or take 30 min. Josiah added a bit of adventure to the day by locking his keys in his car. Turns out apartment managers in Lynwood don't open apartments to retrieve spare keys. This led to meeting the least talkative locksmith in Washington. ::snort::  We made use of the wait by eating our picnic and playing frisby.

Stacia was happy to discover Hayley and Miles, kids from a former RV park we stayed in, were at the park. They played together for a solid hour or so. The kids asked for her big brother and dragged him into their game as well.
The kids have gotten much better at Frisbee in the past month

While the guys played Bocce, I took Yuuki and explored the Burke-Gilman Trail. This was a beautiful walk wandering along the river.

Renovated trail tunnel
Amazingly large house on river with LOTS of boats moored in front
Eventually, games were over and we decided to walk up the Sammamish River Trail a ways.  This was as beautiful as the previous trail.  You'll note we didn't do a great job getting a family picture today.....but I'm including them anyway.
Family Photo #1

The trail led to another park and the Bothell Historical Museum. This looks like a great spot to explore on a future trip. They were closed today. We stopped at the memorial to vets and peeked inside buildings.
Family Photo #2
We'll need to come back and explore the story of these three gentlemen.

Our next stop was ICE CREAM - because it WAS Sunday - and some traditions cannot give way to life-changing moves into trailers.
It was great to see Josiah. I'm glad we made the trip to see him. The Lynnwood Chick fil A is beautiful, he's enjoying the new challenge at work and his new position.

We're proud of him. We love the  man he's become.


Unknown said...

You were exploring areas I haven't gone to yet! Beautiful! Now I will add those to my list!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

The trails were lovely! I think they'd be even better on a week day. LOL