Monday, October 19, 2015

Road Trip

Whew!  Our guys ROCK. Breaking camp, draining hoses in a pouring rain is not for the faint of heart.

We've decided to cut short our Hwy 101 trip (sigh) and go directly back to the Beale AFB area. We need to make sure some things are done NOW, if Michael isn't facing a Medical Evaluation Board.

We are taking the trip back south - SLOW. It works best with our current situation. We drove as far as Eugene today and will spend the night in Krista's driveway.  But FIRST....lunch with Mom and Dad and Arielle.

 Arielle had to go to work. The kids went back to their house and continued doing laundry. Michael and I ran a couple of errands - one of them being to get a NEW SMART PHONE to replace my really ODD phone.  We got home about the time Krista did.  Look at her oven.....She can do cook  at two different temps at the same time.

 BreAnne called and was feeling ill. She and Izaak weren't able to come over. Michael and I ran over quickly to pick up our mail and drop off a few outfits for Baby D.

The other kids filled their time with Catan.  Arielle came home. Stacia stayed inside and watched Cinderella - she LOVED sister time. LOL

Krista reads the blog on the big screen. LOL

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