Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Living

Sunday afternoon bike rides - now that's living. Oregon state parks are marvelous on Sunday afternoons. ::grin::

Michael fixed Stacia's inner tube AGAIN and we set off to ride from our campsite to Cleowox Lake.  We planned to look and bike....but the kids had other ideas.


Who would guess they'd SWIM on 18 Oct. They're hard core.

Krista and Arielle went home early this morning - they had their own churches to attend. We topped off our evening with a campfire.  It may be our last for a bit of time.  We all read by the campfire - it was perfect. We are heading back to California to get some answers and go to some appointments.  The rain has been a challenge, but we've enjoyed the fall feel up here.

Blogging by the fire

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