Thursday, November 26, 2015

What in the world is God doing? or Thanksgiving 2015

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What is His will in our current situation? We'd like to think it's unclear - but Paul makes God's will crystal clear. 

Rejoice always - cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving, choose joy - ALWAYS

Pray always.  Be diligent - extend the effort to sit with God in the situation.

IN everything give thanks. We've simply not reached the place where we can thank God for the recent changes in our lives.  Maybe, someday, we will thank Him for Parkinsons. This year, we're  content to thank Him IN the situation.

We were given a plaque at our wedding which said,
"Sometimes God calms the storm,  sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms the child."
Sort of an odd wedding gift* - but prophetic.  God is letting the storms rage in our lives - and honestly sometimes the children are also raging - but we're learning more and more to let Him calm us in the storm.

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Here's our list of things we are thanking Him for this year - IN the storm.

  • BreAnne is 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!
  • We get to spend more time with Michael.
  • Dear friends.
  • Trailer life is successful (Stacia's word).
  • We're debt free.
  • In spite of the close quarters, all the kids have their personal cubby/bunk. (Alex)
  • Thankful I'm not back on active duty (Michael).
  • Family
  • Precious visits with Gherkins in WA and OR.
  • Hot showers and good water pressure at Beale Fam Camp!!!
  • Thankful for unlimited data via Omnilynx and very sad to lose it on the 30th.
  • Yuuki is younger than we had been thinking - she's 10 - I think.
  • Facebook forums of full-timers which helped us transition into full time RVing.
  • A nice space to land for four months.
  • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  • Retirees can check out books at the base library - we'd been missing books in our travels.
  • Thankful to be traveling America - to be on this adventure (kids).
  • No one sleeps on the couch or table and that means I have a quiet place in the morning to study and pray.
  • We brought our bikes.
  • Michael is home for Thanksgiving - wasn't always the case. 
  • Dad doesn't snore anymore - thank you CPAP.  This DOES make RVing better.
  • A God who walks beside us in every situation.

* Thank you if you are the one who gave us this plaque those 32 years ago. I'm sorry we can't remember who gave it to us.  We suspect it was Ken Taylor. 

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