Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tis the Season

What fun we are having just "being" in the same location as so  much family. We've played games, visited, watched movies, had dinners together....you know...family life.

Last night we headed over to my brother Will's and his wife Sherri's. Our purpose - to enjoy some fun visiting and to give their granddaughter presents. Arielle got off in time to join us. We were happy to see Izaak after he's come out of the master's homework/work cave.....and Bre stopped over after the children's Christmas Eve rehearsal.

Once again, I neglected to bring one of the "real cameras"  - but here are a few shots from my phone.
Dad gives Bre a gift from the church

Fuzzy Crowd

BreZaak and our Grandblessing - 24 weeks
Michael is a great photo bomber
Good food, good fun, good times. Thankful to Will and Sherri for opening their home. We'll be house-sitting for them starting on Christmas day. They've opened their home in more ways than one. 

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