Tuesday, January 12, 2016


My Trailer Sanctuary
This week I began facilitating my first online Bible study group.  I've already learned much and I'm sure I'll learn much more in the next 8 weeks. This proves you CAN teach an OLD DOG new tricks. ::snort::  I'm truly enjoying this group of women, their willingness to be transparent and their hearts which beat with passion for Jesus.  On a personal level it has been a blast to have women from many different assignments participate - to study again with them and to watch pieces of our scattered years of military ministry form a mosaic. Exciting. There are a couple of family members in the study, we range from those exploring their relationships with Jesus to those who have been Christians for decades, we range from 22 to 60's, there are women from our first assignment and from our last assignment, military and civilian, full-time RVers and ranchers;  and yes, we cross denominational lines...the fellowship, however, is SWEET because we have the grace of Jesus in common.

I got up this morning and after my quiet time, I posted a bit to the group....and responded to some thoughts shared by others.....then took Yuuki for the walk she was promoting. Everyone was sleeping and I left my stuff on the table.

I got Holy Spirit goose bumps when I walked back into the Caboose to see this!

Love God Greatly has created kids' journals - I got one for Stacia. She doesn't like coloring so I can do the coloring sheets. I use the free PDF files and the coloring sheets aren't included. Stacia was doing Bible study on her own initiative. My 10 yo was excited to do the same study her 28 yo sister, 22 yo friend and mom are doing too. She was writing out the Scripture.
These pencils make a mess! 
I gave her a few pointers on what SOAP (or SOAK) stands for. I shared some abbreviations I use. I explained asking herself the 5 w's and an h; always looking to see what you can learn about Jesus/God in a verse; and if there is anything you need to start doing or stop doing as good ways to start observation.

I explained she could write out her observations and application or draw a photo. She told me, "I'm more of a word person than an artist." I loved that - I could have said it.  I left her alone....and as I snuck glances at her I noticed she was imitating me....and that's an o.k. thing if I'm following Jesus.

She finished up and asked to share it with me - and I got a glimpse that maybe, like her mom, her heart will beat with a passion to learn and share. We sat and talked and I commented if I COULD draw I would love to draw a throne of grace...and she drew....

I loved her prayer. Once again showing children do not have a Junior Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit who gives great insight to a 30 yo and 50 yo gives understanding and insight to a 10 yo.

No, I will not share her Bible studies every day and yes, I did have her permission this time. At its heart the blog is a family journal and this is a milestone in our estimation. LOL 

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