Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BreAnne and Bella enter Their 3rd Trimester

Today is the day! BreAnne is in her third trimester and we are thanking God for this baby every day - and praying for the remainder of the pregnancy to be healthy. This is a milestone......

Are the not ADORABLE? Izzak painted the nursery this darling pink and hung
the border as well! Go Izzak! 
And to celebrate this milestone - BreZaak (Bre and Izaak) are revealing our grandblessing's name - Isabella Michelle. Isabella means "consecrated to God," and Michelle means "who is like the Lord?" I love this name! 

 Bella (or Izzy if you are Izaak or Michael) is doing truly amazing things now. She blinks, coughs, sucks, hiccups and takes practice breaths. She is the size of a Chinese Cabbage and weighs 2 1/2 lbs. She is getting into position for birth and even has dreams at this point.

Sweet dreams, Bella. Granna and Grandpa are eagerly waiting to meet you in person. 

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