Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spectacular Sunday

We made it on time! Early even two weeks in a row! We are learning how to time showers at the shower house.  ::snort:: Stacia cracked me up by telling me it was time to "Rock the Flock," when she heard the worship team practicing as we walked in. She also informed me she wanted to sit in "our row." I told her we've not attended this church long enough to have a set row....but I guess we have. It was another great day of worship and teaching at The Rivers.

Nolan had suggested we drive out to Grass Valley today. The thought was to get out of Beale....and it was fun. We had lunch at Big A's Drive In - his choice. Cynthia and I tried this together on our first retreat scouting trip.  I enjoyed the memories as we ate.

The kids love the hamburgers - I LOVED the Asian Salad - coconut, peanuts....good stuff. 

We shared an order of Pesto garlic fries
They taste way better than they look 
Made in house rootbeer....

We couldn't resist the lure of DeMartini's RV sales. They are always honest with us. We asked about a new model we've been checking out. They said they are spotty and that a big holding company has bought several of the big name RV's lately - REV.  Seems the workmanship has been spotty the last aren't ready to buy anyway. We took another look at the Palazzo they have that could work....but would have less storage space than we have now......while I know it's ALWAYS possible to downsize.....I'm not sure I'm ready to go much smaller than our 268.5 square feet.  We'd lose the bunkroom for a bunk closet for the boys and a pull down over the driver's for Stacia.....just looking! That's all!

Next on our agenda was finding a couple of geocaches in Grass Valley. The first one was an easy find......It was a small cache - a film canister.
Find 104
 Just as we began looking for our second one it got blustery and began to rain and hail! We kept driving and eventually ended up at the right was still cold and wet but we got out and explored.

There's a lot of history here. We'd love to come back and explore on a warm day. 

We finally all gave up and retreated to the warm van - EXCEPT MICHAEL. He found it! A micro-cache....see the small tube he's holding?  We don't feel very bad about counting it as a family find when he was the only one who persevered. ::snort::
Find 105
Cold and wet - but HAPPY to have been in some weather - we headed home and watched a few movies. Everyone settled in to read and I took advantage to send out a couple of messages - excited to see a new ministry venture taking shape -  and get a jump start on next week.

Oh- and Michael got to talk to The Donald.  The one we met in Bible college - not the other one. 

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