Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Well Rounded Day

Bella is two days old today. Izaak needed to work and so Michael and  I headed over. Today was the BIG day -  Grandpa Mike would get to hold Bella.  He hadn't seen her since her birth.

I was talking to Bella as I changed her diaper and then swaddled her, when she opened her eyes and looked at me.
Hello Bright Eyes
Great Grandma T got to meet Bella

And Great Grandpa T too 

Bev made this gorgeous little dress with bunny buttons for Bella

Four Generations

We visited for a bit and then we left so the little family could spend some more time settling in to their new routines. 

We went out for a mid-afternoon snack with Mom and Dad. The kids were at Krista and Arielle's doing our laundry - bonus. 

Michael and I drove out to Guaranty RV and  found a lovely Class A we'd like to purchase....but not quite yet. It had two bunks, a bigger general living room area and a bigger kitchen, a RESIDENTIAL fridge/freezer  and a washer/dryer.....we think I could drive it. 

When we went to pick up the laundry and the terrific trio, Krista was home. She had a bit of homework left and suggested we hang around and have dinner afterward. She's a whiz at making up quick meals - we enjoyed Vegan nachos and a visit with her and Arielle.

Cuddling a new grandblessing, visiting with parents, dreaming of a new home on wheels,  and dinner with the girls....a well-rounded day. 

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Anonymous said...

special day for U all. We enjoyed it also.

l/p mom t.