Sunday, April 17, 2016

Surprise at Church

Look who surprised us at church today in OR - he lives in WA. We knew he was swinging down to meet Bella...but he heard Michael was preaching at Krista's church today and when we walked in....there he was! 

Arielle and Cory snuck in too.....This photo is TERRIBLY out of focus....but I want to remember the funny moment....we'll just have to have a redo next Sunday. ::snort:: I motioned to these two I wanted to take a picture and they both moved out of the way at the same time, leaving me to take a photo of the back wall of the church. ::snort::   Cory has now met the first of the three older brothers. ::wink:: 

Mom, Dad, and Lorri - joined all of us - and we went to a little Chinese place for lunch. 

Some of my best surprises involve this boy of mine! 


Anonymous said...

a fun morning. Mike did a great job and we enjoyed his sermon a lot. That is a neat place to eat. Enjoyed being with you all. Family is awesome. love/prayers - both of us. t's

Deja said...

Met the first of the older three brothers....haha!