Sunday, May 29, 2016

Family Cookout

Josiah drove down from Seattle last night. He and Jared wanted to take Cory out for breakfast today. Their day began early.  It's hard to get to know the whole family when the family is spread across four states. I'm glad the boys and Cory had this time to get to know each other.  

The rest of us went to first service at Calvary...and then home to plan for the big ole family potluck/ cookout. 

Sherri - our sister in law 
 Dad, Josiah and Michael enjoying the gorgeous weather

Larissa, Nolan, Jared
 Will grilled a variety of meats

Lassie - the grand dog and Harmony and Stacia 


Bella was not feeling great 

Cy, Bre, Jared, Larissa
 Arielle and Cory - she needed to nap before heading to a long shift

CoRielle left so Arielle could work. BreZaak headed home as Bella wasn't feeling well. Cy left to head back to Seattle as he has to work tomorrow. The rest of us hung out and continued to enjoy each other's company. 

After dinner Bocce 
Michael, Alex, Nolan, Jared, Larissa
It was a truly blessed Sunday. This was our "Memorial Day" everyone who has to WORK can relax on Monday.....

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