Saturday, May 14, 2016

JaRissa's Wedding Rehearsal

We had one hour between graduation and Jared and Larissa's Wedding Rehearsal!  We actually arrived a bit early so Michael could meet with the couple and the Wedding Planner. 
Ditch the gown and add a bouquet

It was fun to find out Annie Z was their wedding planner. We've made some fun memories with the Z Team when we live here....and look at these kids adulting all over the place. Penny, the wedding photographer, was another one of the "kids" from our Goodfellow days.

Some of the groomsmen make an entrance

Getting organized....Steven and Michel H are adopted brothers

Tiffany and Warren - Larissa's Stepmom and Dad

Larissa with her parents

This was the smoothest wedding rehearsal I've attended - we were out of there in 45 minutes and heading to the Graduation/Rehearsal dinner at the Lake.

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