Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Great Olympia Hand Off

Driving to Olympia provided the opportunity to see another State Capitol - though we didn't tour....
WA sate capitol building 
It also gave us the opportunity to see Josiah! The purpose of the trip was to complete the great Olympia Hand-Off. After a quick lunch at a very difficult to find Denny's (even with GPS and an I-phone), we passed JaRissa and the Grandpets off to Josiah. He took them into Seattle for the night. They will fly out the day after to being their new lives in Alaska.
Switching suitcases, again!

We got home and Michael crashed. It was a long-time coming, and I wasn't surprised. The kids and I enjoyed a walk along the McKenzie River. We love the Armitage Campground. 

Stacia is becoming an architect of unique buildings...sand lighthouses and now....

Rock tower

Another transition day....I hate saying goodbye to the Gherkins....but we say HELLO much more often as retirees!!!!

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