Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday - Rest

Sunday - church day, town day, a day of rest.

A day with cell reception (out of the Redwoods) and therefore, TEXTS from family and kids.

We looked online, chose a church and attended. It was good. It wasn't The Rivers - and it's most likely unfair for us to compare each church to The Rivers.

We were determined to truly rest - and to feel like RVers.... After lunch - where it turns out I have no fortune- we headed to Point Saint George.

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Our Who-ville impersonations

Being RVers - tourists
 I realized at church today  Stacia is going into 6th grade and "could" go to youth group. Sixth-Twelfth graders - not going to happen as she is a young and innocent 6th grader. She's 10 (11 in two months) - not going to have her in a small group with 17 and 18 yos.....this is the problem with letting them start school before they are 8 or 9. ::snort:: 

 Air field is across from the ocean

We stopped for groceries. I can't find a local grocery solution I like. The kids stayed at home, while Michael and I took groceries to Mom G. We visited for a bit (we have different political views and she seems genuinely concerned about how we'll vote this cycle), brought a box down and then came home.

We rounded out the day visiting with neighbors in the Park who have Beagles. Mr. is a mechanic with over 20 years of experience. He was a wealth of info as we continue our search for a new home.

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looks so beautiful and COOL! love/prayers always -- dad/mom t