Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Redwood Highway

Our current home is in a park directly off  US Hwy 199 - the Redwood Highway.  It's a beautiful stretch of road. When I say Mom G lives 13 miles from town - it's 13 of the windiest, curviest, most beautiful miles in America. ::snort::

I struggle with motion sickness. I made myself sick the first time I drove it. ::snort::

I'm getting used to finding tourists in the middle of the road as one comes around a tight curve....

I'm learning to deal with the odd combination of locals who zip around the curves at 55 mph and the tourists who slow down to 15 mph to take the curves.

Semis, trailers, giant Class A's, makes for an interesting drive. This is NOT a curvy spot....but note the bicycle club leading the pack. LOL

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