Tuesday, August 30, 2016

School Daze 2016

Never before, in our family, has the start of school signaled such huge changes in our lifestyles. We've been spending 6 - 10 hours a day at Mom G's - clearing brush, cleaning, visiting and playing.  School means priorities have to shift a bit, and schedules, of necessity, have to reflect that change. This is imperative with two high-school students. I'm still fairly free-flowing as a teacher - but we DO have structure, the hours DO have to add up, we DO have some subjects (Alg 2 for instance) which will take significant chunks of seat time at the trailer. We can't be ALL about PE and Life Skills. ::snort::

The past two weeks, I had been reminding all of us school was starting on the 29th, and our schedules would change; it was still a bit of a shock to all - from Stacia to Mom G.

Michael goes over to Mom G's in the a.m. We are TRYING to finish school with a couple of hours to spare, so I can drive the kids over too, but that didn't happen Mon - Wed.  There will be days we school until 4:30 or 5:00 p.m., and then I need to cook dinner... I DID realize our program, as written, is an honors program...and the boys have decided they are not honors students this year. I do plan to ease up a bit - but that didn't happen this week. ::snort::

We move through history in a 4 year cycle. All of us study the same year at our own level. This allows time for great conversations and natural integration of the material into our family time as we're all thinking on the same things. This year we are covering Ancient Civilizations. We are starting with Egypt.....We'll use the Bible and other materials as original source material to explore the many civilizations of this time. We'll complete a Bible survey in the course of the year. This adds new depth to both our Bible reading and our history studies.  We'll do some things together - and most things separately. I no longer have a young student to oversee...and am working towards more independence for Stacia. HOWEVER, Stacia is a mad extrovert and craves  interaction time with me - so we'll balance. I'll work to develop those independent study skills which will serve her well in college, but I will also include plenty of time together working through material.

Without further fuss - 2016 Second Day of School pictures - the first day they were on top of Spencer's Butte.

Nolan  - Junior
 We are deliberately doing some school outside of the trailer so all note we ARE schooling. LOL And, YES, we also enjoy the lovely sun this time of year. 

Stacia - 6th grade - WHERE IS MY BABY????

Alex - Freshman

The boys like to school on their bunks - we like to school outside. Yuuki suffered some separation anxiety and solved it by joining us. 

Poor Yuuki, she loved spending all summer with the kids. 
Most years, we do a rolling start to school. We did the same this year as there were only three days in this week. We accomplished all that was on the schedule...and as I type, I realize I need to get busy and plan out next week. ::snort::

Prayers are appreciated as we work to integrate our schedules, with Mom G's needs, and life in a new location - you all know - deep down - we'd rather be up north now, heading to the NE for the fall. LOL

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