Thursday, September 01, 2016


We have GRAPES! The ripe ones are WAY up high - above the roof line.....yes, we DO plan on taming them  - AFTER we harvest.  There are three types of grapes at Mom G's: Concords, Thompson and Malaga.  The Malaga grape vines were planted in 1939 by Grandpa Jack.

I do think they are pretty and have taken numerous photos of them as they grow and RIPEN. I thought purple was good, but we have to wait for black or DEEP purple.  Finally, I pointed out, no one could argue, the grapes at the top were BLACK.....but how would we get them down?

This man is so good to me. 

The grapes up high don't get the nourishment they need to grow big and plump. They do taste good. We will patiently wait for others to ripen. Here is our haul for the day. The grape arbor was destroyed by bears who also like fresh grapes, apparently.  In the absence of an arbor, or any pruning, the vines have grown onto the roof and entwined in other trees.  When we picked the grapes, we got a few more Green Gage Plums. These are VERY good too.

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