Sunday, September 18, 2016

Krista's Ordination Service

We drove up to Oregon this weekend for a big event. We wouldn't miss being present when Krista took the next step in her goal to be a United States Air Force Chaplain.

We started the weekend by walking in the house and realizing Dad needed to go to the E.R. He spent our entire visit in the hospital  and he and Mom missed Krista's Ordination service - but they were there in heart and spirit.

Sherri took great video of the entire ceremony. We edited it and Mom and Dad have a copy - but it's far too long to make into a Youtube clip.....not sure where to shorten it.  Thanks to Arielle for taking photos. I was busy with Gemma duty. SOMEONE had to hold Bella.
Sherri, Will's wife, took lots of video for us
It was fun to have Will and Sherri, CoRielle, and BreZaak and Lorri all present to celebrate with us. Cory does look a bit unsure about being in such company?
Cory, Arielle's beloved

Nolan, Stacia & Alex
Pastor Gary, on the left, was my youth group pastor growing up. When I graduated from high school, my parents were still missionaries in the Philippines. I lived with Gary and his wife Jonielle until I began college.  He began by speaking, then he had Michael read some Scripture and speak, then Pastor John read a passage and spoke. 

Gary had me come up and Krista walked through an oath, the church agreed to be prayer support for her and we all gathered up front and prayed for and with her as she steps out in faith.
Krista, Gary, Me, Michael 

Krista is presented with her framed Ordination Certificate - which she'll need. 

Pastor John then asked Krista to preach her first sermon as an ordained minister. She preached about a couple of the churches from Revelation - and it was challenging. I was happy to see she will carry on my inability to speak in public without her hands. LOL

It was fun to see Ray and Becki in attendance as well. When Krista licensed after graduation from Bible College  she was given a ministry mentor. Becki is a friend from middle school - and Krista's ministry mentor. How cool is that. It was fun to connect again. 

Becki was Krista's mentor and MY friend from Middle School
BreZaak and Bella! 
Bre, Izaak and Bella!
What does this all mean? As Pastor Gary said, "We see God working. As a denomination we are declaring we see Him at work and are joining Him."  To be an Air Force Chaplain Krista needs to meet military standards of fitness and retainability.....she also has to have a MDiv degree, have  Pastoral Experience and be ordained for two years before being commissioned.  She is working on the MDiv and is nearing the 1/2 way mark.  She's had the experience, but it's not "post-ordination," she will be looking to serve a church as she finishes her degree. She is moving to VA to finish the last part of her degree in residence.  She's been to MEPS and been approved as to military standards. She's waiting to hear when she will be interviewed by a Wing Chaplain and pending his approval will be accepted into the Chaplain Candidate program. She's following Jesus along a path she never envisioned and it's mighty fun to watch.

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