Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mom G's Fabulous Road Trip

Stacia, Pat, Mary, Mom G - and Jack in the rear

We drove down to Eureka to visit family in July. We knew we wanted to get Mom G down for a visit. Mom didn't want to do an overnight trip. She can't ride in our van. We planned to use her car - which means the boys stayed home. It also meant we wouldn't have room to drive John and Mary around with us - they don't drive. Pat (front left, purple) came to our rescue.

Michael, Stacia, Mom and I drove down to Eureka. We met Pat, John and Mary at John and Mary's. We had a great lunch. Our next stop was Pat's for Mary's piano recital. We topped the day off with dinner and a nice visit with Uncle Jack and Aunt Beverly. Uncle Jack is Mom G's younger brother.

This is the only photo I took. I get a kick out of Jack photo bombing in the back of the photo. I will have to get more photos on future trips.

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