Friday, November 11, 2016

We're Off!

Mom and Dad are champs and took us to the airport at 0430 this morning. We were happy to see Cory at work and get a quick hug in before we went through security. 

Our flights were fairly typical and uneventful - just as we like them to be. I did get to know a young gentlemen fairly well after being joined at the thigh for three hours. I thought it was my imagination, but Michael later confirmed the economy seats on United are quite a bit narrower than the seating in most planes we've been in.  This young man works for a non-profit which invests in and teaches renewable energy, water filtration and solutions and anything to do with climate change - in third world countries.  He has traveled extensively and had some fun travel tips we plan to employ on the cruise. As  a side note, he'd lived in Sapporo, Japan for a year. If you have to be sandwiched between your boyfriend and a complete stranger, make sure the folks are interesting. ::snort::

Jamin lives ninety minutes from Houston. He picked us up at the airport and we enjoyed spending several hours catching up with him. We shared his starring role in our parenting workshop. ::wink::  In all seriousness, Jamin has been a blessing in our lives. He actually had a life-changing role in our lives and parenting.

We drove around the area of Houston we were in - looking for somewhere to eat without bars on the windows and people outside who looked like they'd be ready to throw down. We finally settled on a KFC and then headed back to our hotel - directly under the departure corridor of the airport.

In May, Jamin will receive his second graduate degree. We are excited to travel back to TX in May. It was great to see Jamin. 


Deja said...

Texas next May?!?! Somehow this hasn't occurred to me! Whoop!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

College Station May 2017......