Friday, November 04, 2016

#WYFF - Being with Old Friends

Totally lifted a couple of photo from Facebook for this post as I didn't take the camera. 

 Dave and Hope are college buds of ours. Dave and Michael were roommates. Hope and I were Freshman the same year.  We later connected during our assignment in Alaska, they lived in the valley at the time. Now, they're settled in this area.  They bought a cabin on some land and have done a great job refurbishing both the land and the cabin.  Nolan spent a couple of days helping with work around their home this summer. One of the projects was a patio and a hot tub. Hope had promised Nolan a soak in the tub.....
Hope and Dave and a Large dog I don't know LOL 
Tonight we all had dinner - Hope is a great cook. She and I enjoyed wonderfully grilled portobello mushrooms filled with onions and garlic, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The rest had grilled burgers and chicken.....and PURPLE potato salad, kale/carrot salad, squash fries (all from their gardens).

The kids enjoyed a long, leisurely soak under the stars and redwoods. We enjoyed a long, leisurely visit inside their welcoming and cozy home. It was good just to "be" with old friends. It was  helpful to discuss life situations. Our plates were full; our hearts satisfied and happy when we left their home tonight.

It was a very nice end to a busy week.

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